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Development Room – November 2021

Following the successful launch of our Development Room last week, we are excited to reveal to you – our FREE taster courses available next week that you can book now. Please feel free to share with your employees too!
This is a critically important webinar for any business leader seeking to take an honest, supportive, and challenging approach to developing people. We explore a number of techniques for individuals and teams to grow workplace courage and consider the best environment to support courageous performance and behaviour.
8th November 2021 09:30 GMT Enrol

This session covers some more popular tips for all users of Microsoft Excel. Automatically totalling multiple columns and rows, Selecting blocks of data – and identifying missing data, Adding Conditional Formatting, Creating a Custom List and Inserting a Named Range. Suitable for any level, no experience required.

9th November 09:30 GMT Enrol
How do we put the needs and requirements of a client first, ahead of anything and everything else? Helping you deliver excellence to all your clients, all the time.

10th November 09:30 GMT Enrol

The objective of cross-selling can be to either increase the income derived from the client or to protect the relationship with the client. The approach to the process can be varied – join this session to learn how to ask questions and learn more about the clients needs and goals in order to expand their scope and identify white space opportunity.

11th November 18:30 GMT Enrol
Gain an understanding of the aims of GDPR and potential penalties for infringements. We give an overview of the seven key principles involved followed by processing, consent, and subject rights. Lastly you will learn about the relationship between data controller and processor and their obligations and potential repercussions of Brexit.

10th November 11:00 GMT   Enrol

In a 2020 study, 67% of managers felt that their organisation did not provide any or enough mental health support: how can we create an accepting work environment, where mental wellness is taken seriously? We explore the most common mental health problems faced in the workplace, how to identify them and how, as a manager, you can help and signpost employees effectively.

8th November 14:00 GMT Enrol

Scan the code to book a FREE HR consultation with our Founder, Rachel Collar. Find out how she can successfully deliver people solutions, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Buddy got to judge some spooktacular photos for our Halloween competition! The good bit is, the prizes were donated to Cherwell Cats Protection. Buddy was rescued by them last year and wanted to show his appreciation! Read more here….