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HR News Room – February 2022

What’s The Great Resignation all about?

It’s a movement being fuelled by UK job vacancies hitting a record high of 1.2 million and UK workers leaving their jobs at the highest rate since 2009.

Recently, I was part of a panel discussion about The Great Resignation.  A recording of the discussion is available here so you can find out more about my views and what the other panel members had to say about it.

Also, don’t miss out on our latest client vacancies here.

So you survived January!

You might have decided to prioritise your fitness and wellbeing for the year ahead. Maybe you’ve even dusted off your gym membership card!!!!

But when did you last check that your business is HR fit?  We’re here to help by offering a COMPLIMENTARY HR Fit Assessment.  It covers the key areas of HR compliance across your business.

We’ll make sure you know what you’re doing great and the areas that need attention.  We’ll also suggest actions to consider taking and what best HR practice looks like.

To book a HR Fit Assessment contact us here.

You’ve got a few weeks left to be friendly to others and give your relationships a boost. 

For inspiration check out the latest Action for Happiness calendar here.  

Towards the end of last year we saw an increase in enquiries from start-up businesses, wanting to appoint their first employee.

To help start-up businesses we offer two great HR starter packs…. 

HR FOUNDATION: Bespoke Contract of Employment plus a Disciplinary Policy & a Grievance Policy.

HR FOUNDATION PLUS: Includes the HR Foundation pack, plus additional HR policies to keep your business legally compliant with fair & consistent working practices.

To find out more about our HR Foundation packs please get in touch with us at

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Dealing With and Managing Change
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It opens up learning for businesses of all sizes without the need of a big budget.

Our Chief Happiness Officer is all for working flexibly, but often takes it to extremes when trying out his latest contortionist moves.

But we also found out that working flexibly is one of the main reasons people have chosen to run their own business.

Check out the results here to see what people had to say.