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HR News Room – November 2021

Welcome to our second edition of the Haus of HR’s News Room. It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to plans for 2022, against a backdrop of labour shortages, supply chain woes and the lingering pandemic.

The number of job vacancies continues to rise, reaching a new record of over 1.1 million!  The latest research from the CIPD shows that employers are taking positive action to attract the best candidates, including raising pay, upskilling and hiring more apprentices.  Also, one in five employers are improving the quality of work they offer.

Are you caught up in the war for talent?  If so, we can support you with telling your story, attracting the best candidates and making sure you deliver an awesome candidate experience. 

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Are your employees standing shoulder to shoulder with you? Are they ready for and energised by your company strategy and the challenges ahead?

This is why we are encouraging you to ask your teams as part of your preparation for the new year.  Doing so will allow you to turn unknown variables into rock-solid data that you can use to better inform your 2022 planning.

Survey your team to find out where they stand. We’ll help you review the data and feedback, providing support to focus on a few things to act upon over the next few months. Sharing this with your employees will build up trust and gratitude.

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How to be an effective and active listener
This session will help you understand how to actively listen to gain information, acquire facts to understand needs, challenges, and build rapport.

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Writing a solid business case
Get a clear understanding of what information you need to gather, the tools and structure to write a concise, persuasive and successful business case to get your project off the ground.

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Buddy’s at it again, but this time supporting his new colleague Ted in getting to grips with all things Haus of HR.

If you have new employees about to start then make sure you get a buddy scheme in place.  Research shows that a close connection at work makes employees 50% happier! Check out our tips here.