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Is there a disconnect between the C-suite and employees?

Our Founder discusses this latest hot topic in HR Magazine!

Rachel Collar was recently invited to comment on this very topic for the HR Magazine.

In light of Sir Howard Davies, NatWest’s Chair, recently coming under fire for his remark on the ease of buying a house, Rachel shared her concern about the evident lack of awareness of the challenges faced by the average worker.

She highlighted the widening income gap and the risks it poses to organisations, emphasising the potential impact on decision-making and the company’s reputation.

As someone deeply embedded in HR, Rachel believes in the importance of HR playing a pivotal role in bridging this awareness gap.

Initiatives like employee forums and transparent communication channels can provide a valuable platform for the workforce’s concerns to be heard at the highest levels.

This issue goes beyond employee satisfaction – it’s about preventing ill-informed decisions by the C-suite and fostering a more harmonious workplace.

Check out the full article in HR Magazine below.

We can all work towards creating workplaces where leadership understands and values the experiences of every employee!

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