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Robots in the Workplace!

Separating fact from fiction

The buzz about robots taking over jobs is hard to ignore these days, but let’s separate fact from fiction. While some media outlets have sensationalised this narrative, it’s essential to understand the real impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation in the business world.

AI and automation have indeed found their way into various industries, enhancing productivity by streamlining repetitive tasks such as email communication, data retrieval, and customer inquiries. This technology has been a boost for efficiency, but the question arises: can it replace human roles in more complex areas, such as HR?

As an HR professional, I have a strong stance on this matter. The answer is a resounding NO. Chatbots and AI cannot effectively replace your company’s HR function, not even partially.

One key challenge is the ever-changing landscape of employment law. It changes frequently, and expecting a chatbot to stay up-to-date with these changes is unrealistic. Most chatbots have been trained with information up until 2021, which means they may provide advice that’s two years out of date, posing a significant risk for businesses.

Additionally, the accuracy of information provided by chatbots can be questionable, even with well-crafted prompts and research. Imagine relying on a chatbot’s advice in an employment tribunal—it’s not just awkward but potentially expensive.

While the future may hold promising AI developments, today, when you need HR advice, it’s crucial to seek it from a qualified human professional. The consequences of relying solely on AI for critical HR decisions could be detrimental to your organisation.

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