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Make 2023 your best business year ever!

We’ve kicked off 2023 by being featured in the January edition of The Business Times Northamptonshire, advising business owners in Northamptonshire that they could hit their business goals and have their best year to date, if they place more focus on their HR.

Better business growth can be easily achieved by making sure HR documents are up to date, training and development are prioritised, and areas for improvement are addressed.

And it all comes down to making sure employees are happy, focused, and feel valued.

Rachel Collar owns and runs Haus of HR in Towcester. She said, “Every business owner wants to make sure their team is happy in their role.

“But it’s easy to become complacent. Especially when you feel like things are ticking along nicely.

“However, if a problem occurs and your HR policies are out of date, or you miss an opportunity to help your star employee progress through the business, you could find yourself in trouble.”

Rachel says business owners need to plan out their HR in the same way they plan other strategies at the beginning of a new year.

She said: “When you have a clear plan for what needs to be done, not only does it make the getting it done easier, but it makes reaching those big business goals faster, too.

“That’s never truer than when you’re taking care of arguably one of the most crucial parts of your business – your people.

“Treat them well and you’ll get the same back. And in a business that means increased engagement, higher productivity, and a much better workplace culture.”

She added, “It might seem like a lot of work to review all your HR documents and processes, but it’s definitely worthwhile.

“And if you really don’t have the time, you can always bring in the experts to help.

“To make things easier, I’ve written a free guide especially for local business owners. It outlines everything they need to consider to make sure their people are happy, and they’re compliant with employment law.”

Business owners in Northamptonshire can get their free business owner’s 2023 HR checklist today by contacting us today.

We’re also offering a FREE HR Healthcheck to help make sure that business owners are taking the right steps to keep their business protected from all kinds of potential employment issues.

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