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Striking the Balance for Workplace Success!

Discussing whether boundaries matter as part of the Minderful panel

Missed the live session? No worries – you can now access the recording!

In the contemporary world characterised by its rapid pace and intricate connections, the significance of establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries cannot be overstated. Just as a shield safeguards our mental and emotional wellbeing, boundaries serve as a protective mechanism for individuals and organisations alike.

By prioritising our own needs and steering clear of undue stress, boundaries allow us to cultivate connections grounded in mutual trust and consideration.

Curious to learn more?

If you couldn’t attend the live event, you’re in luck! The recorded session is now available for viewing. In this session, our Founder – Rachel Collar joined forces with Matthew Bushell, Tom Warrender, Ann Jackson, and Abbie Kate Campbell on Wednesday 23 August. Together, they delved into the art of boundary setting, the delicate balance between work and personal life, the promotion of respectful communication, and the creation of an environment conducive to collective growth.

Catch insightful discussions on:

👉 The art of effective boundary establishment
👉 Balancing work and personal life harmoniously
👉 Nurturing respectful communication
👉 Creating a thriving environment for all.

Discover invaluable strategies for mastering boundaries in the workplace by accessing the recording now. Your journey towards healthier and more productive interactions begins here.

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