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Development Room – October 2021

In the last 18 months, Employee Development has had to change rapidly and find its feet in a new norm for learning.  Face-to-face learning was halted in its tracks at the start of the COVID pandemic and will continue to be a challenge to deliver in a post COVID world.  It can be a costly solution, that’s time consuming and has a greater environmental impact.

Research has shown, during lockdown, that digital learning has boomed!  Live learning webinars has grown even faster than pre-recorded e-Learning engagement.  This could be down to human engagement opportunities or quality of content.
Let’s admit it, typically webinars can be dull.  Some being hours long, a talking head; where the audience tries to absorb and remain engaged, whilst juggling the constant distractions. 
At the Haus of HR we do it differently! 100% LIVE, but highly interactive and immersive webinars. In our Development Room your employees will be able to access over 1,700 courses, including Sales, Leadership, Customer Excellence, Business Essentials, Mental Wellness and Compliance.

Our Development Room is an affordable online learning subscription platform, which opens up learning for businesses of all sizes without the need of a big budget.

Book yourself onto a free taster course here.  And please feel free to share with your employees too!

Every week we will offer new taster sessions for you and your employees to experience.

Explore a demo of our Development Room for yourself here.

Contact us today to sign up, allowing you to grow your employees learning, potential and skills with high quality training modules.

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Our Chief Happiness Officer, Buddy has a had a busy week so far completing his GDPR training, so he decided to take some much needed time out to catch up on his favourite cat soaps!

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