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HR News Room – August 2023

Money may make the world go round but it’s NOT our biggest motivator

Bad bonuses and incentives can actually be HUGELY DEMOTIVATING.

We all need money. Many of us wouldn’t say no to more of it. But for most people, it’s not the number one reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

This is true of the people who work for you too. They may have accepted the job for the pay, but they’ve stayed for other reasons.

Maybe you have a really fantastic company culture. Perhaps your business is making a big difference to the lives of your customers. It may be because of the opportunities you offer your people to learn new skills.

They’re examples of people’s intrinsic motivations. Their purpose, their autonomy, their mastery. Notice none of these involve cash?

But they’re massive driving forces for people to stay with a company and flourish, or to move on to somewhere they can.

You should look at these intrinsic motivators to offer your people rewards that they really want. That make them see how much you value them and help them feel like you’re invested in their development.

In fact, offering cash incentives can be ineffective at motivating people. It can even have the opposite effect when a bonus is too out of reach, or just not worth the effort. And how do you find out what motivates the people who work for you? You ask them!

Communication is key here – as it is with many other elements of running a thriving business. Speak to your people. Get to know them on a personal level as well as a professional one. Learn about their goals and ambitions. Find out where they want their careers to take them. See what skills they have that you can build upon and what they still need to develop to get them there.

Once you know all this, you’ll be able to reward them in the way that will have the most positive impact for everyone, without having to create complex bonus schemes or worry about budgets. That could be with recognition, more responsibility,
or development opportunities, to name just a few ideas.


Employee Retention Strategies

Losing your employees is one of the most greatest and most disruptive risks to your business’s success – especially when you lose the ones you’ll struggle to replace. It’s costly to recruit and train new people, and there’s the greater cost of losing that knowledge, skill and experience. Find out how to keep your best employees happy and engaged in our latest blog.

HR Rocks on Stony Radio!

Our Founder, Rachel Collar really is a Rockstar! Check out her radio show ‘HR Rocks’ on Stony Radio on the first Friday of every month from 11.00am until 12.00pm. This month she is rocking the waves on
Friday 4th August.

Woman Who Chat

Watch Rachel’s interview with Sandra Garlick, MBE where she shares her personal journey towards self-employment and reveals the pivotal event that led to the creation of the Haus of HR.

Managing your people….there’s an app for that!

Excuse us for a minute while we say something a little controversial (for an HR expert anyway) – managing employees is really hard work. It’s exhausting. And that’s when they’re all behaving.

Think about the time it takes to process annual leave requests, track absence, plan training and even monitor productivity. That’s without thinking about 121s, team meetings, and even disciplinaries.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult though. Seriously. Your magical solution comes in the form of HR software – Breathe HR. It handles all those little HR jobs that take up your time and probably give you a few headaches along the way. Actually, the benefits of a tool like this are endless. Since we’re all very busy people, We’ll highlight the top 3….

  1. It saves your precious time
    Tools like Breathe HR automate those time consuming HR tasks, without the need for endless bits of paper and bulging filing cabinets. It also helps to streamline a lot of these things, giving you more time, but also making things a lot faster for employees too.
  2. It keeps everything all in one place
    All your employee information is right there in one place wherever you are. So, if you’re working away from the office but need to make a decision on something, you have all the info you need at your fingertips. And because everything’s together and up to date, it makes it easier to analyse and spot trends, like absence within a team, for instance.
  3. It helps you develop your team
    That’s because this type of software can remind you to schedule 121s, performance reviews, and even training courses. It keeps a log of the last ones too, so it’s easy to update yourself on where an employee is with their development, and what the next step should be. In turn, that helps you make every meeting you have more meaningful and productive, because you know exactly where things stand and what’s next.

And that’s just 3 things! We haven’t mentioned how secure it is to store sensitive data this way, or even the benefits of better absence management. But hopefully you get the picture. If you don’t already use HR software – or you’re not over the moon with the one you do use – let’s talk. and you can even try it out for a month for free.

HR Q&A’s

Can I place an employee leaving on garden leave?

You should check whether or not there is a garden leave clause in the employee’s contract of employment. Make sure you comply with your duties towards the employee under the contract of employment throughout the garden leave period, i.e. in relation to benefits such as a company car and pension contributions.

Can I promote someone without advertising the role?

Yes you can appoint someone into a vacant position without first advertising that role or completing a recruitment process, although failing to advertise a job could, in some circumstances, unlawfully discriminate against any person not appointed into that role.

Can I ask someone when they are planning to retire?

You should avoid asking employees directly when they are going to retire. To help plan the workforce for your business you should instead ask employees, regardless of age, what their short, medium and long-term plans are.

Let’s chat

Here are two questions for you:

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If the answer isn’t “I’m so delighted I could print 1,000 flyers to spread the word about them”, let’s jump on a video call. You know just how important it is to get proactive, responsive HR support. That’s what we do. And we’re now taking on new clients again.

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CHO Corner

Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards

So Proud of My Fur Mummy!

I’m so happy that my fur Mummy has been nominated for this year’s Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards—an outstanding recognition of her accomplishments. At Haus of HR we encourage everyone to believe in themselves, as remarkable things can happen when you do!

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