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HR Software – an introductory guide

How to use HR Software to make managing your team easier, faster and cheaper

Ever envisioned a world where HR tasks are completed at lightning speed, providing immediate insights for informed business decisions? Welcome to the game-changing realm of HR software – a solution that might revolutionise how you manage your employees and business forever.

What is HR Software?

Much like management, project, or ticketing software, HR software streamlines your HR processes, making them quicker and more efficient. Different types cater to diverse business needs, with HR Management Software (HRMS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) software being the most common. It encompasses employee data management, attendance tracking, leave management, performance evaluations, talent management, and reporting.

Main Benefits of HR Software:

  1. Saves You Time: A ‘one-stop-shop’ for all HR tasks, managing everything efficiently.
  2. Reduces Costs: Saving time translates to cost savings and facilitates better future decision-making.
  3. Ensures Legal Compliance: Centralising HR makes it easier to follow ACAS guidelines, ensuring legal compliance.
  4. Enhances Employee Satisfaction: Efficiently managing holiday requests and expectations leads to happier employees.
  5. Informs Great Business Decisions: Centralised HR data enables easy reporting and insights for informed decision-making.
  6. Safe and Secure: Cloud-based HR software ensures the safest and most secure storage of sensitive employee data.
  7. Scalable: Grows with your business effortlessly.

Main Features of HR Software:

  1. HR Management: A centralised hub for employee records, contracts, leave, sickness, training, and performance.
  2. Reporting: Provides essential data for informed decisions on sickness, finance, and time logs.
  3. Performance Management: Enables goal-sharing, objective-setting, and recording of appraisals, training, and performance.
  4. Leave and Absence: Simplifies planning and flags potential issues in holiday requests and absences.
  5. Time Tracking, Rotas, and Shift Planning: Some software tracks time, facilitates rota creation, and aids in shift planning.

Choosing the Right HR Software:

Breathe HR stands out as a leading HR software provider in the UK, and we proudly partner with them. Discover the benefits it can bring to your business by getting in touch with us. We’ll guide you through a seamless setup process.

We can offer you a demo of the system, as well as one month’s FREE trial!

Get in Touch:

For more information on HR software or any assistance in making your HR management easier, reach out. We’re here to help you transform your HR processes.

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