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How to motivate your team

5 Ways to Motivate Your Team That Doesn’t Involve Cash!

Money is important to a lot of people. But contrary to belief, it’s not always our biggest motivator.

Think about it… What REALLY drives you to get out of bed every morning?

Obviously, none of us work for nothing. Money is nice. And as business owners of course it’s a big part of what we do. But it’s not our driving force.

And believe it or not, the same goes for the people who work for you.

A monetary bonus can actually have completely the opposite effect if done in the wrong way. That measly 2% bonus can be hugely demotivating.

So, if you’re wanting to motivate and reward your team for doing a great job there are other, more effective ways of doing it that don’t involve cash. And in economic times like these, that’s pretty great news.

What REALLY motivates your people? We’ll tell you in our latest guide and the best way to motivate and reward your team.

Inside you’ll discover…

  • Why rewarding your team is important
  • How bonuses can lead to poor motivation
  • 5 ways you can reward your people that doesn’t involve cash
  • The benefits this can bring to your business
  • The impact that good communication can have

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