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New Stay Factors survey launched

With the ongoing noise still surrounding the Great Resignation, people are leaving their jobs at the highest rate since 2009. So should the focus now be about asking why people stay?

Recent research has identified key ‘stay factors’ that make an employee stay in their role.

What do we mean by ‘stay factors’? Well, they are the very things that people value most about their employer, which are both identifiable and quantifiable.

Over 90% of employees stay with their current employer because they have exciting and challenging work, coupled with career growth and learning.

That means assessing employees’ reasons to stay with you can be a valuable part of your company’s retention strategy too!

Improving your company’s stay factors does more than bolster employee retention, it also creates a working environment and conditions that people truly value.

Contact us to gain free access to a Stay Factors survey which will enable you to:

 > Assess the strength of your company’s stay factors
 > Identify aspects of the employee experience that motivate people to stay or may be causing people to leave

You’ll get insights that you can use to quickly to improve retention as well as the employee experience.


Haus of HR - prioritising employee retention
Prioritising Employee Retention – March 2022

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