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Probationary periods are there to protect you from a bad hire

Here’s everything you need to know

Hiring new employees is always a risk…

No matter how well someone comes across in an interview, or how vast their experience is, until they start working for you, you have no idea how it will all work out.

That’s why most companies offer a probationary period – It gives you time to make sure they’re right for the job and it gives the employee time to make sure it’s right for them too. written a new ultimate guide to probationary periods, which details:

→ What a probationary period is
→ How contractual rights are affected
→ How long it can last
→ What you’re looking for during this time
→ How to review your new hire’s performance
→ What happens at the end of the probationary period
→ Tips to make the probationary period a success

You can download it here now. If you like further guidance or advice after reading it, we’d love to help.

We’d also like to offer you a complimentary call to discuss any questions you may have, and to chat about how our team might be able to help.

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