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Why Comprehensive Right to Work Checks Are Essential for Your Business

Avoid Hefty Fines and Legal Consequences

Are you aware that failing to complete proper right-to-work checks could lead to fines of up to £60,000?

The penalty for employing an illegal worker is on the rise, increasing from £20,000 to a substantial £60,000. Furthermore, knowingly hiring an illegal worker may result in criminal charges.

Government audits can happen at any time, and it is crucial that you, as an employer, can provide evidence of completed necessary checks if suspicions arise regarding illegal employment, whether intentional or not.

To safeguard your business and avoid serious consequences, follow these essential tips:

  1. Stay Informed: The Home Office may make changes without notice, so it is your responsibility to stay updated and ensure your processes align with the latest guidance.
  2. Accept Valid Proof: Be aware that biometric residence cards are no longer accepted. Familiarise yourself with current valid proof and verify it before hiring someone.
  3. Document the Date: Failure to prove that checks were conducted before employment starts can result in fines. Maintain accurate records to demonstrate compliance with Home Office requirements.
  4. Understand Student Employment: If you hire students, be well-versed in their term dates, enrolment verification, and proof of completion, among other specific requirements.

When it comes to such critical matters as right-to-work checks, there is no room for mistakes.

If you’re uncertain about the process, seek guidance from an expert HR consultant today to streamline your procedures and ensure the seamless operation of your small business. Don’t risk it – consult with us and confidently navigate the complexities of right-to-work compliance. You’ve got this!

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