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Talent Attraction

MiRo Psychometric Assessments have arrived!

Helping you to understand your people Over the years, we’ve worked with a myriad of psychometric assessments, from Myers Briggs to Belbin, DISC, Insights, and beyond. However, we’re excited to announce that our Founder, Rachel Collar is now a certified MiRo Practitioner! 🔴🟡🔵🟢 But what sets MiRo apart from all the other assessments out there? MiRo isn’t about complicated jargon;… Read More »MiRo Psychometric Assessments have arrived!

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Attracting the best – Recruiting talent to your business in 2023

Recruiting new people is a challenge across businesses of all sizes and in every industry. So, what is at the root of the current issue and more importantly, what can you do to attract the best talent when candidates are thin on the ground? The problem with recruitment The bottom line is that recruiting for your business may well be… Read More »Attracting the best – Recruiting talent to your business in 2023

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