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Thinking about setting up your own in-house HR department?

Follow our step-by-step guide

Is it TIME for your own in-house HR department? This is really exciting because it means your business is ready to take its next BIG step in your growth journey.

Let’s be clear though, you’re not doing this to save money. Hiring your own HR department is one of the costliest ways to get the HR support you need.  Instead, your company has decided to make a strategic investment in your people and future. 

You’ve decided to hire a team that is dedicated to looking after your people, their productivity and their success. And by creating a happier, more productive workforce, you’ll see increased turnover and profits as a result. This is the return on your investment. 

However, hiring your own HR department is no easy task. Especially when you don’t know what makes a great HR professional. That’s why we’re here to offer our expertise to bridge the gap and to take away the stress of this task.

We can help you hire, onboard and develop your new team until they’re ready to take over and be a success.

Our latest guide talks you through our process and the steps we’ll take to do this for you. 

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