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Workplace banter can cost businesses dear

Are you keeping an eye on the culture and banter in your workplace?

Workplace banter can cost you big!

Our Founder, Rachel Collar recently shared her insights on workplace culture and banter which have been featured in both Business Times Northamptonshire and Business MK.

She delved into the critical importance of monitoring workplace dynamics to steer clear of potential legal pitfalls, as highlighted by a recent tribunal case.

A female solicitor, Helena Biggs, bravely stood up against unequal treatment, enduring a distressing ordeal of discrimination and victimisation. Her courageous stance not only shed light on the issue of unequal pay but also points out the significance of fostering an environment where every voice is heard and respected.

Remember what is passed off as banter or jokes can still be offensive. So this is a wakeup call for all business owners to prioritise inclusivity and equity in their organisational culture.

It’s important to set the standards for acceptable behaviour and implement robust grievance procedures. Investing in proactive measures, such as staff training and policy reinforcement, is paramount to cultivating a workplace where every individual feels valued and supported

If you need help with fostering an environment where diversity thrives, and every employee feels empowered to contribute their best then let’s talk.

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