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Here’s our warning to business owners this Pride Month

As organisations gear up for Pride Month it’s crucial to avoid falling into the trap of ‘corporate rainbow washing’ Our Founder, Rachel Collar is featured in Business Times Northamptonshire and Business MK, discussing how using LGBTQ+ symbols for commercial gain, without showing real commitment to LGBTQ+ rights, can backfire. A few key points include…. → Rainbow washing, such as changing… Read More »Here’s our warning to business owners this Pride Month

HR News Room June 2023 on a laptop

HR News Room – June 2023

Are you doing all you could to support working parents? Parents have it tough these days, and not just when they’re trying to wrestle screens away from their children! More families than ever have both parents working – the cost of living means being a stay-at-home parent is unrealistic for most. Dealing with work commitments and home life can become… Read More »HR News Room – June 2023

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