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Employment Law Checklist

It’s time to review your HR policies. We know it’s not a fun job, making sure your policies are up to date, and that you’re compliant with employment law is a really important task to undertake. Read More »

Unlock the Power of Exit Interviews: Gain Valuable Insights for Business Success

When it comes to understanding the inner workings of your organisation and maximising employee satisfaction, business leaders have a valuable tool at their disposal – exit interviews. However, it’s crucial that these interviews are thoughtfully constructed and skillfully conducted to extract meaningful insights. This holds particularly true when a highly valued, high-performing employee decides to part ways. Seizing the opportunity… Read More »Unlock the Power of Exit Interviews: Gain Valuable Insights for Business Success

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Top tips for switching off

At the moment the UK government has not indicated plans to make the right for employees to disconnect from work a legal requirement. But a third of UK businesses are preparing to develop new policies on disconnecting. How many of us really don’t fully switch off from work? It may not always be possible or practical, but take a look… Read More »Top tips for switching off

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