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Woman Who Podcast latest episode – Hiring Your First Employee

It’s been an exciting week as our Founder is named as a finalist in the Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards too!

In a whirlwind week, Rachel Collar, the driving force behind Haus of HR, has been announced as a finalist in the prestigious Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards. The recognition comes as a testament to Rachel’s outstanding achievements and dedication to entrepreneurship.

As part of the finalist selection process, Rachel faced a panel of judges in a quick-fire interview, showcasing her expertise and passion for her business. But this week Rachel also got to engage in a stimulating conversation with Sandra Garlick, the esteemed Founder of Woman Who, on the Woman Who Chats podcast.

During the podcast, the discussion revolved around a pivotal milestone for entrepreneurs – hiring the first employee. Rachel emphasised the excitement and challenges that come with business growth, acknowledging the substantial considerations involved in this significant step forward.

With Rachel’s extensive experience in the field, she cautioned against the common pitfalls that business owners often encounter when hiring their first employee. The risk of overlooking critical aspects, such as financial planning, can lead to costly mistakes, a point Rachel highlighted based on her observations in the industry.

For those contemplating hiring their first employee, Rachel offers valuable insights and practical advice to ensure a smooth and successful transition. To access a comprehensive guide on the subject download your copy below.

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