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Understanding the New Flexible Working Regulations

Key Insights for Business Owners on the Impact of the Flexible Working (Amendment) Regulations 2024

The introduction of the Flexible Working (Amendment) Regulations in April 2024 grants employees the right to request flexible working from day one. This shift in workplace dynamics offers numerous benefits for both employers and employees.

Our Founder, Rachel Collar is featured in both the Business Times Northamptonshire and Business MK, explaining that embracing flexible working can lead to increased job satisfaction, higher productivity, and lower stress levels among employees. For businesses, this translates to better performance, reduced absenteeism, and enhanced talent management.

However, Rachel highlights the importance of ensuring that flexible working arrangements do not disrupt client services. She advocates for a culture of trust, autonomy, and support, where the focus is on employees’ output and results.

Ultimately, implementing a well-structured flexible working policy can help attract and retain top talent, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Rachel and her team at Haus of HR are ready to assist businesses in creating a flexible working culture that benefits everyone.

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