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Employment Legislation

HR News Room – Special Election Edition July 2024

Key HR Insights and Actionable Steps for Business Owners The recent election has brought about significant changes in employment law that will impact businesses across the country. At Haus of HR, we are dedicated to helping you understand and navigate these new regulations. In our latest special edition of the Haus of HR News Room, we provide a comprehensive overview… Read More »HR News Room – Special Election Edition July 2024

Handbook open

Why Every Company Needs a Handbook

Do you lack a handbook for your company? Here’s why it’s essential to have one: A handbook serves as your company’s go-to manual – a cornerstone of workplace resources that consolidates all the vital information and guiding principles of your business in one central document. A comprehensive company handbook: It also reinforces and codifies your company culture, fostering an inclusive… Read More »Why Every Company Needs a Handbook

Handling Flexible Working Requests

Navigating the Employment Rights Bill What Does the New Flexible Working Amendment Mean for Your Business? The Flexible Working (Amendment) Regulations 2023 Act, effective from 6 April 2024, has introduced significant changes: Understanding Flexible Working Flexible working encompasses a variety of arrangements, including: Steps to Take for Compliance Responding to Flexible Working Requests When an employee makes a request: Valid… Read More »Handling Flexible Working Requests


Being HR Compliant

Hot off the press! We’re featured in the latest edition of The Business Times Northamptonshire, warning businesses that failing to remain compliant with employment legislation is putting them at risk of huge fines and even legal action. Should there be a dispute with an employee, business owners may land in an employment tribunal that costs tens of thousands of pounds.… Read More »Being HR Compliant

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